Quality Process uses a phased approach, designed to support the entire product life cycle from inception, design and development, through rollout, to updates and support.

The definition phase is the first phase as a project gets underway. Quality Process works with you to clarify your business objectives, layout a possible development path, and generate rough estimates based on assumptions.

Assumptions are examined—and either verified or brought into line with reality.

Business Objectives
We begin by listening to the vision for your product, service or idea. Business objectives are defined, marketing strategies are mapped out, and project details are recorded in our custom project management software.

Quality Process can help assess the place of your product or service in current and future market conditions and recommend technical or design changes that would lead to business advantage.

As the work is documented in TaskBase™, our own web-based project management tool, we create a product specification that can easily be referred to. As your ideas evolve through the phases of the project, your intellectual property is captured. Your investment is always protected.

Preliminary Estimates
The product specification is now reassessed for consistency with the original vision. Possible design and architecture directions are proposed to ensure the product design matches the business model. An initial rough estimate of required resources is put together and reviewed.

Phased Approach 

This rough estimate is used by Quality Process to effectively implement the phased approach we employ. Our processes are adapted to match each client’s organizational needs and the specific project requirements.

Establishing a phased approach enables different team members to work sequentially or concurrently on discrete parts of the project. Our project management tool, TaskBase™, allows for greater communication between all concerned. Together, the phased approach and TaskBase™ provide periods of review to ensure that product formation is on track. We firmly believe that quality products must be supported by a sound quality process that allows a diverse team to efficiently identify, design and track the hundreds of individual tasks to completion.

Mature companies may require only a subset of our services to support a specific product objective. These contract services are an effective way to jumpstart new business ideas, and we work closely with our clients to help train and transition an internal team when it makes the most business sense.

Whether you have a bright start-up idea or are a large corporation seeking a new way to explore new avenues, Quality Process can help you define your product and manage your process.